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Personal & Professional Development

$700/8 HOURS

Your One Degree

     This experience is robust and broad, helping you build a well-rounded perspective on how you are unique. Your One Degree helps you find your desires, weigh them against your experience, and consider your personality, skills and spiritual gifts to display how you are uniquely suited for your "calling" in life.

     I will help you consider what to say yes to and what to say no to, in order to live the life you need. Visit here for more info on the material.

$1200/4 HOURS

Team Strengths Coaching

     Self-awareness and individual growth have produced amazing results, but what about the workplace?

  • Invest in your team by uncovering your Strengths together.

  • Deepen trust and strengthen workplace values by championing each other's unique design.

  • Get ahead of conflict by deeper collaboration.

  • Maximize productivity and client relations with positive workplace culture

$500/6 HOURS

Couple Strengths Awareness

     Don't get stuck thinking you are putting up with a weakness in your partner. It might be a strength you don't relate to!

     In Allison's words, "It helped improve my marriage. It helped us to see that we have very different strengths, and it challenged some assumptions we had about what our lives should look like. We realized we would be much happier and more fruitful if we spent our time in some different ways and sought out roles that played to our strengths."

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