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Image by Markus Winkler

I’ve never met someone with such a keen gift to ask mindful questions that are deeply reflective and that lead to inner breakthrough. John has the ability to guide someone through a chaotic myriad of internal and external experiences into a place of clarity and understanding.


Our coaching session with John was incredibly helpful for our partnership as a married couple. Hearing about my husband's strengths (that I formerly considered weaknesses) was life-giving for our marriage, parenting, and work together. John is able to focus on the positives without sounding saccharine and is great at revealing tender spots between people based on misunderstandings of each other's strengths and how to move forward in resolution and reconciliation.


John is an excellent coach. He's sensitive and flexible to the needs of those he coaches. Having been coached by John over the course of three years, I can warmly recommend him. He doesn't shy away from asking challenging questions which help to get you 'unstuck' and, even though he makes good use of popular personality profiling tools, his approach is never constrained by them.


I was coached with my husband in the early years of our marriage. It was pivotal in increasing our understanding and appreciation for our differences. I cannot count the number of times I’ve referenced something from that coaching session in my marriage and personal life. It really was amazingly beneficial.


I feel like it (the Powerful Question Training) has much promise for helping people connect deeply and consider other people’s perspectives in a new way...I appreciated the immediate ability to practice. I was thankful for the emphasis on self-awareness as crucial in the process.


I have found working with John as a coach that I needed an intentionally safe and creative space to be asked great questions to aid me in a better understanding of who I am outside of my roles and responsibilities. Whether you are leading a business, Church, organization, or just want to better understand how you are uniquely made, I would highly encourage you to enter into a coaching relationship with John.  The more we understand ourselves, the better we can lead, love, and serve those around us.


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