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Helping Hand


Design your path to a meaningful life.

What if your work life wasn't built around reacting to urgency?

What if your vision and calling helped pave the road ahead for you?

What if your partner, boss, or client, got to see you fully engaged with your strengths, your purpose, your passion?

I am an experienced and accredited coaching professional that can help you thrive.

Coaching and Spiritual Direction

I provide coaching, training, consulting and spiritual direction to executives, pastors, missionaries, solopreneurs, and couples.

Coaching uses forward thinking, helping generate new possibilities with measurable steps planned.

Spiritual direction is present-focused, safe space to process your spiritual journey without judgement. Spiritual direction helps you become more aware of the presence of God with you in your current season.Ch

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I'm John Arndt.

I fell in love with helping people through coaching in 2011, when I became a certified coaching professional using Gallup's CliftonStrengths. I watched coworkers come alive when they heard how unique they were, and how they could intentionally develop themselves by paying attention to their patterns of feelings, thoughts and emotions. Once we accept our and celebrate our uniqueness, then we're able to address inner conflicts, relational struggles and unhealthy habits with support and encouragement. Living in South Africa for almost a decade, I experienced how necessary patient attention and consistent encouragement is for people from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


I've spent over a decade developing leaders through spiritual formation, propelling them outward as learners and storytellers. I'm passionate about helping clients discover their purpose through their design and unique background.


I have a Masters in Christian Formation and Discipleship, which set the groundwork for my coaching today, because my thesis and training focused on how leaders' strong character is developed by asking open questions instead of just relying on giving advice. 

I see the integration of coaching and sacred listening as a vehicle for healing and growth. I value diversity, strategic focus, and holistic growth.

I've been working with Integer Networks since 2018. Check out our coaching towards authenticity and wholeness here.

I'm located at 3150 E 41st St Suite 109, Tulsa, OK 74105

Email me at