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You're more like a garden than a machine

What if we treated ourselves like a garden, and not a machine?

This analogy has been rolling through my spirit for over a year now. It's easy to approach myself like a computer - put in some data and see good productivity.

But that's not how we are made. We need help recognizing our frailty and vulnerabilities. We need dedicated space to nurture what's been planted, and cut out the weeds. Our peers can help us distinguish what's growing well and what's taking over, and coaching can help us dive deep into the soil with curiosity and intention.

Reminder: you’re a living person, not a machine. That means you have more in common with the stately sycamore, or the stubby succulent, than you do with the device you’re reading this post on.

What would it look like to honor your growth today?

How might you recover from the devastating effects of digital immersion this week?

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