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Don't settle for work that drains you. Create your own path.

It's been 5 years since I moved back to America from my time in South Africa. In that time, I've worked on a number of projects, had a number of areas of focus and income, but the thing that freed me was using Your One Degree to clarify what I feel called to do.

It's a simple process, but big results. It helps you scan your life, detect what is "life-giving" and what skills and experiences make you "you."

Since I went through the process, I joined a band (bought some near gear!), started writing (wrote a book!), worked for non-profit to exercise some strategic skills, started coaching, got more training in what I love (coaching and spiritual direction), and so much more. It's been quite a ride, but the point is that I didn't trade my time for dollars. I didn't shrug and settle any old job that would pay me for my time.

I took stock of my motivations, my skills, my experiences, and what I wanted to bring the world. It's not been easy to be a small business owner, but I've learned so much about crafting a way that makes sense for my gifting and my family.

If this type of journey sounds useful to you, send me a message.

7 online sessions for $700 that focuses on the work you want to engage in the world. Join thousands who have found their top motivators and left draining work behind.

Don’t rely on corporations and scarcity mindset to dictate your plans.

Let’s find the calling that will energize you, and begin putting it into place now.

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