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People are redefining their relationship to work

I stood at the door, letting the small business owner in with someone I didn't recognize.

"Is this a new hire?"

"It's actually an old friend, one who started with me, but moved on a long time ago. I needed some help, since everyone keeps moving on. It’s not me, my management, it’s what’s happening to everyone!”

I almost want to doubt her, because how else would you explain 4 different people showing up from her company in the last 4 months?

But she’s totally right. People are redefining their relationship to work, and it’s squeezing employers and owners like an a juicer, demanding everything from them to keep their businesses alive.

What’s the magic key to stopping the revolving door, to maintaining a healthy workforce?

I don’t have it. But I know that when people feel valued, respected, and given opportunity for personal (and professional!) growth, they thrive.

Contact me for more on how you can provide some of that by inviting a coach to interact with your team.

And for those who have jumped in the waters of the Great Resignation, and might find yourself swimming in the deep end? You need support. No one is going to care about your future like you, and you need people who can process your decisions, your emotional health, your goals in a safe and productive space.

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