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What is coaching?

Some people don’t know what executive and life coaching looks like. A lot of people think it’s like having a mentor, or guru, who tells you what you’re doing wrong or provides valuable insider secrets to help someone in their profession.

There are some coaches who operate like that and provide value for their clients, but the International Coaching Federation has standardized “core competencies” that help guide how coaches interact with their clients. I’m accredited with ICF, and love the approach.

Instead of being a mentor, I assume my client is the guru. My client is the best authority in their life. My clients are whole, creative and resourceful individuals who may just get stuck in an area and need someone to process their next steps.

Open, curious questions guide my approach, and often lead us to explore the deeper desires beneath the client’s stated goal. The coach uses open questions (not yes or no questions) to help the client explore what they want, what their current reality is, and set achievable steps to get to their goal.

I’ve seen over and over again how this approach helps a client shift their perspective, and how discovery and curiosity offer creative solutions.

***Have you had someone regularly offer this kind of non-judgmental + curious wondering + goal-setting?***

A client has to be honest in the process for this to work, and they have to have their own motivation.

Contact me, or any ICF accredited coach, to find out more about this coaching style.

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